How We Keep Our Cows Cool in the Summer

Making sure their cows are comfortable is very important to dairy farmers. I just wanted to share a few ways we help our cows keep cool in these sweltering summer months.


This one is huge! Our cows get to live in an airy freestall barn (a freestall barn is one where the cows are free to come in and out of the stalls as they please), and have access to shade 24/7.


This one is huge, in my opinion! There’s nothing like a breeze on a hot summer day. We have several of these large fans in the freestall barn.


These handy little things are mounted above the feedbunks, so that the cows can get a cool shower as they eat. The sprinklers run frequently, but in short intervals, so we don’t waste much water.

Which of these three things do you most appreciate on a hot summer day? 🙂

Author: Laurel Jean

Hey, there! I'm Laurel Jean - writer, farm girl, and sunrise connoisseur. My passion is to glorify God to the utmost in every area of my life, whether I'm writing fiction, poetry, and blog posts, getting dirty on the farm, or spending time with friends.

4 thoughts

  1. I couldn’t imagine life without the first two!!!
    (Especially living in Oklahoma!)
    God truly does care about the little things in life!

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