An Interview with the 2020 Winona County Dairy Royalty

(left to right) Savannah, me, Lydia, and Kate

Hello, people! Here is the interview I promised last Wednesday. Today we get to hear from the 2020 Winona County Dairy Royalty! These young ladies have the privilege of representing the dairy industry at a county level.

How long have you been involved in the dairy industry, and in what capacity?

Savannah: I have been involved in the dairy industry since 6th grade. I feed calves here and there and also milk cows every day.

Laurel: I grew up on my family’s dairy farm, and I’ve been helping out in some capacity – whatever small – for as long as I can remember.

Lydia: 11 years. I began with feeding bottle calves & worked my way up to more technical work.

Kate: My whole life. I was raised on the farm and always exposed to it.

What are some of your favorite memories you’ve made on the farm/while promoting the dairy industry?

Savannah: Working with my cousins/brothers and also working with my friend. I also enjoy meeting new people while being at fairs.

Laurel: Covering the silage bunkers and throwing hay bales don’t rank too high on my list of favorite activities, but I think that some of my best memories were made while doing those things with family! Any time spent working/chatting/laughing with my family is amazing. I have some special memories of riding in the tractor with my dad and brothers.

Lydia: During harvesting seasons, my sister Josie & I like to take breaks for lunch. We sit in our tractors, FaceTime each other, jam out to the radio, & eat our lunches together. Other memories include wrestling beef calves to tag them, Grandma bringing freshly baked cookies to the payloader as I feed the herd, and even just finding peace & solitude as I mow lawn.

Kate: Participating in parades as a Junior and Senior Ambassador and just being around cows and working with them.

What are your responsibilities on the farm?

Savannah: Feeding calves and milking cows.

Laurel: Feeding baby calves, mowing, helping with fieldwork, and being available to help with random jobs when needed. I’m currently being trained to feed TMR. (see this interview for more info on TMR)

Lydia: Feeding TMR to the cow and heifer herds, occasionally running the disc bine, hauling loads during harvesting seasons, running the manure pump, assisting with milking when needed, landscape management, and data entering.

Kate: Maintenance, washing equipment, merging hay, and taking care of the show herd.

What life skills have you learned while living/working on a farm?

Savannah: Being accountable for working plus having responsibilities.

Laurel: I’ve learned to persevere and do my work well, even when it’s difficult and unenjoyable. I’ve also learned to be flexible, face my fears, and get out of my comfort zone.

Lydia: When faced with an intimidating new challenge, like learning how to feed the cow herds, I’ve learned to face challenges one step at a time. – Practice makes perfect.

Kate: Patience, responsibility, and perseverance.

Why did you decide to run for dairy princess?

Savannah: I have always wanted to be a dairy princess ever since I was little.

Laurel: Growing up, I would always see the dairy princess at local events and be so excited. I just thought that it would be fun to be a dairy princess. Crown and sash? Count me in! But as I prepared to run for dairy princess, I realized that it’s not about the crown and sash. It’s about promoting the industry, people, and products I love so much. Now, as a dairy attendant, I have the joy of doing just that… and the crown and sash just add to the fun. 🙂

Lydia: Promoting the dairy community and representing my family’s farm heritage is something I’m passionate about, and what better way to do that than by being an ambassador for Winona County?

Kate: I enjoyed being a Junior/Senior Ambassador and wanted to continue promoting the dairy community.

What is your favorite dairy product?

Savannah: Milk.

Laurel: Pretty much any cheese… especially cottage cheese and string cheese.

Lydia: Cheese.

Kate: All ice cream.

Why would you encourage others to consume dairy?

Savannah: It’s great for your body.

Laurel: Including dairy in your diet is one of the most inexpensive ways to fill your diet with essential nutrients. A glass of milk is a good source of three of the four nutrients that are most commonly found lacking in the average American diet: calcium, potassium, and Vitamin D. When you consume dairy products, you are not only caring for your health; you are also supporting an amazing industry full of hard-working people who strive to take excellent care of their land and animals.

Lydia: Dairy is the most important product to include in your diet. Not only are dairy products beneficial to your health, they taste amazing! Dairy products can be combined with almost any food – cheese and crackers, a yogurt parfait, or even cream cheese and a bagel – making them a great meal or snack choice at any hour!

Kate: It is a natural product with tons of health benefits and it tastes so good.

Why do you think that the dairy industry is important?

Savannah: It is important because you need milk in your diet. It’s great for you.

Laurel: The dairy industry plays a huge part in nourishing the world. Farmers also use their land and resources wisely and responsibly, and they take excellent care of their animals.

Lydia: Cows aid in ensuring we consume an entire food category. In doing this, cows convert crops like field corn and alfalfa into a product more easily consumed by humans in the form of milk.

Kate: It employs a lot of people and it produces products that help feed the world.

Do you have any questions about anything mentioned in these interviews? Would you like to see more posts involving the 2020 Winona County Dairy Royalty?

Author: Laurel Jean

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