An Interview with Jackson & Peyton

Last week we heard from a couple of my sisters… now we get to hear from my brothers: Jackson and Peyton. I guess I’m biased, but these two are totally some of my favorite farmers ever. 🙂 Let’s hear what they have to say!

How long have you been on the farm?

J: My entire life.

P: My whole life.

What are some of your favorite memories you’ve made on the farm?

J: I remember hauling silage for the first time… Peyton and I took turns. I remember when we were building the new dairy parlor; when the walls were just concrete and the floor was dirt. I remember the night when we moved the cows into the barn. It was dark outside, the lights were on in the barn, and the cows were all lined up at the feed bunk.

P: I remember the first cow that I IV’ed. It was neat saving a cow’s life.

What are your responsibilities on the farm?

J: I do calf chores, I milk, I help feed TMR to the cows, and I do field work.

P: I’m in charge of the calves, I do field work when I’m needed, I put sand down for the milk cows as bedding, I’m in charge of heifers at a farm we rent, and I do anything else that needs to be done.

Jackson, can you tell us some more about TMR?

TMR stands for Total Mixed Ration. The cows are fed haylage, corn silage, ground corn, soybean meal, dairy cow protein, and cottonseed. These are mixed together so the cows can have a balanced diet.

Peyton, why do you use sand as bedding for the milk cows?

P: It’s been proven to be the most comfortable for cows, and it helps keep them cool in the summertime.

What is your favorite part about farming?

J: The growing season… I enjoy seeing the corn grow.

P: There’s a pride about running a farm, running certain ground, and having the responsibility of taking care of that many animals.

What life skills have you learned by living and working on a farm?

J: To work well with other people and to do your job well the first time.

P: Dedication, commitment, and having a passion for what you do.

Why do you think that dairy farms are important?

J: Dairy farmers take good care of the animals and land that God has given them.

P: People need dairy products, and if there are no dairy farms, there are no dairy products. People need dairy products because dairy products are an essential part of being healthy.

What is your favorite dairy product?

J: Cold milk or vanilla ice cream.

P: Cheese.

Why would you encourage people to consume dairy products?

J: They’re good for you… they help you stay healthy.

P: Because dairy is healthy for you. Many people have stopped drinking milk and consuming dairy, and it’s really hurting the dairy farmers.

And that’s a wrap! Did this interview spark any new questions in your mind about dairy farming/products?

Author: Laurel Jean

Hey, there! I'm Laurel Jean - writer, farm girl, and sunrise connoisseur. My passion is to glorify God to the utmost in every area of my life, whether I'm writing fiction, poetry, and blog posts, getting dirty on the farm, or spending time with friends.

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