Creamy Iced Chai

This year I’ve often been enjoying a mug of coffee swirled with fresh cream. As the weather gets warmer, though, hot drinks are becoming less appealing to me. Who wants to come in from a sweaty brisk walk and grab some hot coffee? Ugh. Iced chai, please!

If you are a chai connoisseur, I apologize. The preparation method here is super unconventional and may be your worst nightmare. But who knows… maybe you’ll be able to look past its weirdness and enjoy it!

One of the best parts about this recipe is that it’s super easy to make. Few ingredients, little work, 10 minutes from start to finish… count me in!

If you’re more of a coffee lover and not really into chai, check out this icy drink. It’s rather unconventional as well, but fear not! I plan to create some more traditional drink recipes in the future.

What are your favorite coffee/tea concoctions?

Creamy Iced Chai


1 chai tea bag

1 cup milk

Sweetener to taste (I use a rounded doonk of Pure Stevia Extract)

Ice cubes


Heat the milk in a microwave-safe container until hot… not boiling, but right up there. This takes about 70 seconds in my microwave.

Steep the tea bag in the hot milk for 7 minutes, or until the tea reaches your desired strength.

Fill a pint jar with the ice cubes and pour in the warm tea. The milk should reach the “iced chai” temperature fairly quickly.


– You could use an extra tea bag or steep the tea longer if you prefer a stronger chai flavor.

– As always, feel free to top this with a copious amount of whipped cream. 🙂

Author: Laurel Jean

I am a Minnesota farm girl with a passion for glorifying my Savior Jesus. I love to write, cook, and work with my family on the farm.

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