3 Ingredient Lavender Sugar Scrub

Per my (two-week) tradition, I have another recipe for you all this lovely Friday! Not per (two-week) tradition, this one isn’t edible.

Have any of you ever used a sugar scrub? If not, here’s what I have to say: 1.) I’m so sorry. 2.) You should. 3.) You no longer have any excuse not to use one, because here is a very simple and wonderfully scented sugar scrub recipe! (This would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift, as well…)

The sugar here works as an exfoliant, scrubbing dead skin cells away. I love to use this scrub on my hands and face… it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth! The lavender adds a beautiful scent, and works to combat acne.

How to use the scrub

Dampen the (clean!) skin you would like to exfoliate.

Take a small amount of the sugar scrub and rub it around on your skin for awhile.

Rinse off the sugar scrub, close your eyes, and smile in delight. 🙂

Follow up with lotion or moisturizer.

3 Ingredient Lavender Sugar Scrub


1/4 cup (4 tablespoons) granulated sugar

1 tablespoon coconut oil

6 drops lavender essential oil

Smash it all together! When you aren’t using the scrub, store it in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.


– If you aren’t a fan of lavender, you can replace it with another essential oil or leave the scrub unscented.

Author: Laurel Jean

Hey, there! I'm Laurel Jean - writer, farm girl, and sunrise connoisseur. My passion is to glorify God to the utmost in every area of my life, whether I'm writing fiction, poetry, and blog posts, getting dirty on the farm, or spending time with friends.

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